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Why it pays to add an extra bathroom

27th July 2021/General News

Why it pays to add an extra bathroom

For all their charm and character, there is often one minor downside to purchasing a period property – not enough bathrooms! The way we live and the way we utilise our homes has evolved a great deal in recent times. Even within the past 18 months alone we’ve witnessed a huge change in how much time we’re all spending at home – working remotely, exercising, and home schooling for example.

So it follows that many homeowners have come to the realisation that their current set-up needs a little tweaking and one of the most common enquiries we’re receiving is about adding an extra bathroom.

Adding a good quality bathroom is a great way of ensuring a period property, or any home for that matter, is optimised for modern family life. No more waiting around in the morning, working out a schedule to ensure everyone gets their allotted time in the one and only family bathroom. Think how many arguments could be avoided! For our top reasons why it pays to add an extra bathroom and how to do it right, read on…


Money talks

First and foremost, the number one factor to consider before making any major changes to your home is to weigh up the return on investment. Recent figures from Nationwide Building Society show that an extra bathroom could add around 5% to the value of a home in the UK. It’s also likely to make the property more sellable, should you decide to put it on the market immediately after renovation or at some stage in the future.


Why it pays to add an extra bathroom

Location, location, location

Those already considering having work done to their home, for example by adding a bedroom in the attic or extending a kitchen into the back garden, adding an additional bathroom at the same time is well worth looking into. Other places to consider include converting a garage or adding a smaller sized WC under the stairs.

Whatever the location, if you’re able to place your new fixtures close to existing water and waste lines, you can keep construction and plumbing costs down. Ventilation is also an important thing to consider – to meet building regulations and to avoid any potential damp issues, the new bathroom will need a window or at least a fan.


Weigh up your options

For those considering adding a bathroom within an attic conversion, it’s essential your floor joists can handle the weight of all the fixtures, which can weigh up to 20 pounds per square foot.


Why it pays to add an extra bathroom

Use the space wisely

If space is an issue, there are plenty of clever hacks to consider. For example, opt for a door that swings out, rather than in, or choose a sliding door in order to maximize the available space for fixtures.

If you have a sloping roof within your attic conversion, a bath and hand shower combination is ideal. And wall lights either side of the mirror instead of a ceiling light are great alternatives.

Finally, for an under-stair toilet, a corner sink or a combination toilet and basin unit is a particularly good space-saving solution.


Quality finish is everything

We’re seeing a shift in people’s perceptions of bathrooms, they’re no longer a purely functional space, but a luxurious haven of self-care. As a result, people are spending more on top quality fixtures, fittings, and finishes – and rightly so! Gone are the old wet boards and in are the floor to ceiling metro tiles, extra deep roll top baths, crittall shower screens, and black taps – it all adds up to create a sumptuously high-end look. And size doesn’t matter, even the smallest of under-stair WCs can still make an impact with wood panelled walls or statement wallpaper.


Why it pays to add an extra bathroom

Trust the experts

Here at Revere Contracts, we’ve completed countless beautiful bathrooms as part of wider renovation projects. You can check out our 5-star reviews online such as Bark and Houzz or browse examples of our work on FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram.

If you’d like to chat to an expert about adding an extra bathroom to your home, call us on 0345 241 7010 to arrange a free, no-obligation appointment.

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