Why 2021 will be the year of home renovations
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Why 2021 will be the year of home renovations

2020 will be remembered as the year we all stayed at home. And with schools, offices, restaurants, and gyms closed, it was the year many of us realised our homes needed to adapt to accommodate our new way of living. Lockdown saw families working, playing, eating, exercising, and resting all under one roof for weeks on end, so it’s little wonder that so many of us are now desperate to create more living space!

The 2020 Renovation Nation Report, by mortgage comparison site money.co.uk, found that UK homeowners invested an average of £4,035.70 each on home renovations between March and August 2020. Money that would otherwise have been spent on holidays, eating out, or entertainment was instead used for interior redecoration and garden makeovers, as summer 2020 saw the nation roll up their sleeves and get stuck in! However, as time has passed, many people have realised that bigger changes may be required.

Here at Revere Contracts, we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of homeowners wanting to renovate or extend their homes as a direct response to Lockdown. The top three most popular projects we’re currently taking on are:

Why 2021 will be the year of home renovations

The home office to inspire remote workers

Lockdown saw thousands of people hastily set up a makeshift home office area in their bedroom or kitchen. And whilst working on a laptop at the kitchen table may have been a necessary short-term solution during Lockdown, having other family members cooking, playing, and doing homework in the same room is unsustainable, especially as more businesses have now decided to make a permanent switch to remote working. Couple this with the ‘Zoom-barrassment’ that comes with making video calls with the chaos of family life playing out in the background, many have decided that it’s time to invest in a proper home office.

We’re already seeing clients achieve this with a relatively simple garage conversion. Others are planning to create a garden studio or a single-storey extension at the back of their property.

The kitchen that brings the restaurant experience home

With bars and restaurants closed, and likely to be restricted for a long time, people are spending more time cooking and dining at home. It has also made many people realise just how important it is to come together and enjoy a meal, so many are planning ahead for when they can eventually welcome friends and family to join them around the table.

With that in mind, we’ve seen many clients plan to knock through to create an open-plan kitchen-diner, whilst others have decided to extend their kitchen out into their garden to create more space.

The guest bedroom to welcome back friends and family

When the current restrictions are finally lifted, we know many people will be wanting their extended family to come and stay on a regular basis to make up for the lost time.

Therefore, we have seen a big increase in the number of people enquiring about attic conversions to create an extra bedroom to accommodate future guests.

How we’re keeping our team and our clients safe

Thankfully for those raring to crack on with an extension or renovation project, you can rest assured that home improvement work involving tradespeople – such as builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers, landscapers, decorators etc – can still go ahead, as long as safety measures are in place.

Indeed, the safety of our team and our clients is a top priority at Revere Contracts, so we are implementing the following measures during all home renovations:

  • We will contact you before commencing the job to check that no member of your household is displaying symptoms of coronavirus or self-isolating. If you are, we will delay the work.
  • No work will be carried out by a member of our team if they are displaying coronavirus symptoms, however mild.
  • Our team will sanitise their hands before entering your property and throughout the work.
  • Our team will aim to minimise contact with customers as much as possible and remain 2 metres apart from all members of the household.


If the current restrictions and increased time spent at home have got you thinking about adapting your property, call us on 0345 241 7010 or drop us a message via the website at www.revere-contracts.co.uk/contact. We’ll be happy to talk you through the full range of options and provide a free quote.

Make 2021 the year you fall back in love with your home.


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