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Top five ways to connect your indoor and outdoor space

27th July 2019/Design

What could be better than experiencing the great outdoors from the comfort of your home? Indeed, here at Revere Contracts, we’re seeing a significant increase in popularity of home re-designs and extensions that link indoor living spaces with the outside. A combination of innovative technology and some simple styling tips mean it’s entirely possible to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living to create a seamless connection. Read on to discover our top five ways to connect your indoor and outdoor space.

Let there be light

The right lighting can instantly transform a room, and maximising natural light is a sure-fire way to make a room look and feel larger. One way to increase the natural light is to add a roof light and there are plenty to choose from – flat glass lights, roof lanterns and polycarbonate roof domes – there’s something to suit every budget. Creating a view of the sky above will instantly draw the eye upwards and add a connection to nature.

If these walls could talk

Forget any preconceptions you have of old-fashioned conservatories that are freezing cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. Technology has come a long way since those days, with modern coatings and gas-filled cavities significantly improving thermal performance, meaning glazed walls can be the perfect solution to anyone wanting to connect their living space with the outside.

Show them the door

Not only do sliding doors and bi-fold doors add a sleek and contemporary feel to a room, they instantly increase the living space by enabling you to move freely between the inside and outside of your home. They come in many styles, sizes and colours, but our top tip is to opt for ones with narrow framing to reduce any interruption between the interior and exterior space.

Perfect patios

Creating a patio area immediately adjacent to the house is a great way of enhancing the continuity between the outside and in. This works particularly well if you create a level threshold, as steps will punctuate the view and break up the space. For added continuity, use the same flooring inside and out to draw the eye outwards.

The finishing touches

Opting for an earthy colour palette to decorate the interiors, choosing furniture with accents of natural materials such as wood and stone, and adding plants as final finishing touches can really help to bring the outdoors in. Similarly, bring the indoors out by furnishing your outdoor space with a garden sofa for reclining in the sun, a built-in barbecue for cooking, and a dining table and chairs for entertaining al fresco.

Even connecting to the smallest of gardens or courtyards can create that sought-after link to the outside and have a huge impact on the look, feel and usability of your living space. So whatever the size of your space and whatever the size of your budget, get in touch with Revere Contracts for a free no-obligation quote.

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