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Things to Consider Prior to Your Home Renovation.

22nd May 2019/Planning

Undeniably, undergoing a Home Renovation can be tough (and relationship testing).  Whether you’re in for a full renovation or just trying to re-decorate there are a few factors that to consider to ensure the project runs smoothly.

Creating a detailed plan:

Perhaps the most important is creating a detailed plan of the home renovation. Pictures from the internet or from magazines are great for inspiration but writing a detailed plan regarding what materials you want to use is a huge help to contractors. For example, the type of flooring and lighting fixtures you wish to install. The more detailed the plan, the easier it is to determine a budget.

Doing some additional research on what materials are available will be extremely helpful in the long run too. You want to look for something you can afford but that will also serve the correct purpose. Things to consider are durability, function and appearance. 

Finding a contractor is perhaps one of the most crucial steps when undergoing any home renovation. Make sure the contractor is properly licensed and has insurance – this is extremely important. Ask for their portfolio of work or go to see some previous jobs (preferably home renovations) they have done.  This will help you assess the quality of their output. When choosing a contractor, look around, get quotes from a few, and be mindful that the cheapest quote isn’t always the best idea.

Be realistic, if 5 contractors are telling you its going to cost around £40,000 and 1 is telling you it’s going to cost £20,000, then query them.  Ask how they are able to do it so much cheaper than the other quotes you’ve received. Be willing to pay for a good contractor, and be wary of the one who’s cheap and available right away.  Good professional help is worth the money – especially when it come’s to your family home!

Having a ‘remodel timeline’ in place:

Make sure you communicate with your contractor and are both aware of a rough timeline for the renovation to be complete. Having this timeline early on and finding out if you will be able to stay in the house during the work, or, if not, allows you plenty time to find elsewhere to stay. If you are able to stay you must be mindful of the contractor’s schedule, what time they will arrive and leave each day and staying out their way so not to be distracting.   This will allow them to complete the work on time.

Additionally, schedule the bathroom remodelling so you can still use a bathroom (if possible). A positive of staying in the house is that you will be able to keep track of the work being done. However, equally staying away from your home during this time could help to alleviate any stress you may have. 

Depending on the scale of the renovation you’re carrying out, you should prepare yourself for a few practical issues along the way. Namely, an inevitable period of time when you’re without basic services, such as, boilers, electrical meters, consumer units and so on.

What is your budget?

Spending time considering how much you can afford and keeping in mind that you might have to incur some extra costs is extremely important.  Especially given that in the construction industry things don’t always go to plan.

If your contractor asks you to sign a contract, read through it carefully making sure there aren’t any hidden costs. Additionally, kindly ask if there is anything not mentioned in the contract. This way you will have an accurate estimate of your budget.  Plus, overall this will help relieve any worries or stress you may have about the work. 

Planning Permission? 

You might not need planning permission depending on the size and type of your home renovation. A significant number of renovation and extension projects won’t need planning approval at all. These include internal improvements that don’t affect the external look of the building and small extensions. These will be classed as ‘Permitted Development’.

Moreover, you can find out exactly what type of project you can carry out at the Govt Planning Portal.

Ask questions!

There’s no such thing as a dumb question. If you’re unsure of something or don’t understand then query it! Contractors often get caught up talking in construction terms and forget that not everyone is in that industry and sometimes need things in layman’s terms.

As always, Revere Contracts will always be happy to answer any questions you have.  Simply just content us here.

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