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Things to consider before renovating your home with Revere Contracts

17th April 2019/Planning

Things to consider before renovating your home:


Firstly, you need to know how much you can realistically spend. Renovations can vary drastically in price and it’s important to stick within your budget. 

Design and Styling

Once you have your budget confirmed its time to start looking into how you want your dream home to look. Taking into consideration the budget, list all the furniture and appliances you will need and want.  Do you need extra storage?  What colour schemes? Do you want structural changes?  What kind of worktops do you want in your kitchen? etc.  Also taking into consideration the flooring throughout!


Once you are happy with your choices, you can sit back and relax as our team put together the finalised plan, including a Computer Aided Drawing of the what the finished project will look like.  This will be your chance to make those final changes and perfect everything.  We can then provide you with the final quotation.


Here at Revere Contracts we like to be transparent about your renovation quote. We ensure they always come itemised so you can see what costs are allocated to each individual aspect of  the work.  Again, this is an opportunity for you to make any amendments you wish. 


Of course, whilst the work is ongoing it is likely that the property will be completely off limits.  As such, you’ll have to plan accordingly and ensure you have adequate accommodation for the period your house is being renovated.


We proudly like to plan!  Let us make sure that every aspect of your renovation is accounted for and our team of expert Project Managers and Tradesmen ensure we do exactly as we promised.


We’re well aware of the financial strain a big project like this can cause.  For that reason, we recommend breaking it down into 4 parts:

  • Deposit
  • One payment during the works
  • A payment on completion
  • Final payment after retention period (to ensure you are happy with your new home)


We accept all payments including credit and debit cards, bank transfer and direct debit. There are also finance options, which we can help you arrange, starting with just a 20% deposit! 

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