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The latest news from Revere Contracts and beyond

11th November 2021/Company Statement

The latest news from Revere Contracts and beyond


The key to any successful construction project – whether it be a renovation, extension or newbuild – is communication. With that in mind, we have compiled a round-up of news from the business as well as updates from the wider building industry.

It has been yet another busy month and we would like to thank every one of our clients and extend our appreciation to each of our team members here at Revere Contracts. Despite the widespread challenges faced by the construction industry as a whole, we continue to make massive improvements across the board and we have every faith we will be ending 2021 on a high! Read on to find out why…


A fond farewell

This month we bid a fond farewell to Lorna Martin who has played an integral role at Revere Contracts for the past three years managing the finance department.

Many of you will be well aware of her impeccable organisational and management skills which made her the perfect fit for her role at Revere Contracts, but did you know her long and illustrious career also included a role in the NHS as Chief of Mental Health, and time in Iraq and Afghanistan as Lieutenant Colonel Martin?

We thank her for all her hard work and wish her well as she retires and settles into her new role as a grandma.


Welcome aboard

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Office Manager, Natasha Zaman, who will ensure the back-office systems are running smoothly and effectively. We are also delighted to welcome Administrative Assistant, Rebecca McLernon, who will oversee our new task management system.


Investing in our team

Given the current labour shortage, Revere Contracts has taken a proactive stance and invested in the upskilling and training of eight of our skilled labourers. It has been incredible to see these dedicated workers getting to follow their dreams of becoming qualified tradesmen, taught by some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the country. In addition, every member of our management team has been enrolled in our continual professional improvement programme.


Investing in our equipment

In the last month alone, Revere Contracts has invested over £25,000 in the equipment and tools we hire frequently. We will also continue to invest in equipment and tools that enable us to complete jobs quicker and to a better standard of quality.


Improving our reporting and auditing

We are continuing to streamline our current system to ensure all clients receive their weekly reports, updated programmes and photos. Moving forward, each area construction supervisor will send photos and videos of the site during their inspections. This will help to free up some of the project managers’ time which will instead be allocated to procurement, reporting, and accelerating the project.


Research and development

With a strong few years in business, Revere Contracts is proud to announce we have been awarded a Research and Development rebate which will be used to further improve the company.


Covid, Brexit, and other challenges

You name it, we’re up against it! Thanks to covid, Brexit, and a number of other factors, there is an ongoing “fuel shortage”, which of course doesn’t mean there is not enough oil, but that HGV drivers are simply not able to get the fuel to the station.

In response, we have increased our fleet to include an area driver labourer. Although this comes at a direct cost to our business, we feel we have had no choice but to take this step, given the unfortunate number of times we have been let down with deliveries.


A fresh new look

You may have noticed our logo has changed, and with an updated website due to go live shortly featuring photos of recently completed projects courtesy of the incredibly talented Ryan Fyvie, plus new staff uniforms and new signage on every site, we feel this marks a new chapter in the Revere Contracts story.

Moving forward, it is our mission to embed three core principles into everything we do here at Revere Contracts – integrity, customer commitment, and quality.


On a personal note

I recently successfully completed the Ironman70.3 Lanzarote triathlon in memory of my Godfather, Uncle Gus. Despite finding the training for the Ironman tough, I found it hugely beneficial – not just in terms of fitness and wellbeing, but with regards to my mental health. Having now delegated a lot of my previous responsibilities, I have managed to achieve a better work-life balance, which in turn has helped the organisation of the company.

I’m feeling reinvigorated to take the business forward and see our exciting plans for 2022 brought to life!

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