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Staying at home during a renovation

21st June 2019/Planning

Whilst the idea of a home renovation and getting your house all done up is a very exciting time for many families, it can also be stressful, and the possibility of being displaced from your home while the project is completed is daunting. So, should you live in your house during a home renovation? There is no yes or no answer, there are many factors that need to be considered, but to help you decide, ask yourself these questions…

Will you have access to the kitchen and bathroom?

If you’re getting work done to your kitchen or bathroom you should be mindful of the fact that you may have to go without a kitchen or bathroom for a short period of time. 

Taking time to think about cooking facilities, heating, your space requirements, bathroom facilities so that the whole process runs smoothly. 

Having a detailed schedule of works when you are living on site is crucial. It allows you to work out at which stages during the renovation you may be without water or power.

Thinking about how you would potentially cope from a heat point of view without power in Winter months is something that must not be forgotten.

If you decide to knock through and go open plan, make sure you keep all other doors shut and plastic sheeting to close off the space elsewhere and this will hopefully contain the majority of the dust.

Can you cope with the noise levels?

The incessant sound of drilling, digging and lorries coming and going from the early hours of the morning can be frustrating if you like a lie in or have young children. You can be sure that if you stay at home during the project lie-ins will be a thing of the past!

Do you have any health and safety concerns?

If you do decide to live in your house during the renovation and have children, you’ll need to make sure the site is safe. During the early destruction stages of a project making sure hard hats and protective clothing is worn is important.

Still undecided? Take a look at our at-a-glance pros and cons of moving out versus staying put.

Advantages to moving out

  • Avoid dust & noise: It can get very messy.
  • Live comfortably without interference: Hotels or family homes are much more pleasant than a construction site.
  • Can shorten the project’s timeline: Staying out of the way helps pros finish on time.
  • Gives you an adventure outside the home: We all need a vacation once in a while.

Advantages to living in

  • Usually cheaper than moving out: Hotel bills add up.
  • Can monitor the progress of the project: knowing the exact status of the project.
  • In the vicinity to address any issues: Problems can crop up. The faster you and your contractor address them, the sooner they’re fixed.
  • Don’t necessarily have to spend money on restaurants: You can still cook or eat at home (depending on the project).

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