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Renovating with style

27th April 2022/General News

Renovating with style

We all have different tastes, styles, and opinions when it comes to renovating a home. But whether you’re a fan of the Scandi look or you’re more of a Maximalist at heart, there are some basic design principles that apply to all.

Here we offer some advice on the key things to consider – whether you are completely kitting out a new kitchen or simply redecorating a room after renovation work. Plus, we reveal why it pays to give the fixtures, fittings, and finishes that extra bit of thought.

Do your research

A full property renovation can leave many people feeling overwhelmed at the sheer amount of decisions that need to be made. But renovating can also present an exciting prospect too – the opportunity to put your own stamp on a place and make it truly yours by choosing elements that really appeal to your personal taste.

So start by thinking carefully about what overall look, feel and flow you are hoping to achieve. Look at Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration of what other people have achieved in similar spaces. Visit showrooms, take photos, cut up interiors magazines, and create a moodboard to pull all your ideas together and start to build up a picture.

Continuity is key

Regardless of whether you have extended a single room or effectively created a new wing to the house with the addition of a double storey extension, one common hurdle many renovating homeowners face is how to make it feel like it was always there.

The key here is continuity. Take elements from the existing spaces and blend them into the newly created rooms to create a natural flow. This can be achieved by laying the same flooring throughout, painting the walls to match, or simply by adding accessories with a consistent accent colour throughout.

There are, of course, homeowners who would prefer to make a feature of the newly extended areas by deliberately contrasting the look and feel of the new room. This can work particularly well if the extended property is a period property – the juxtaposition of old versus new can add real drama to a property.

Beware of fads and changing fashions

Bathroom fittings and kitchen units can be costly investments. So it is important to think about how the room will function further down the line to ensure your renovating money is well spent.

Opt for timeless fixtures but add contemporary finishing touches via the décor and light fittings, for example, as these can easily be switched up in the future as your taste evolves.

And it goes without saying that high quality fixtures and fittings will not only create a better impression, but last longer.

Make it truly yours

Whilst it is always wise to consider what impact any renovation or décor project will have on the overall value and future saleability of the property, it is important to make it your own. Create spaces that work for the way you live and surround yourself with the colours and objects you love, and the memories that really mean something to you. This can be achieved by making an heirloom piece of furniture the focal point of a room, or by creating a gallery wall of family photos, or with a display cabinet of objects you have collected on your travels, for example.

Design elements to look out for

Here at Revere Contracts, we have completed a wide range of renovations – from period property transformations to contemporary creations. Here are a few of our favourite design elements from recently completed projects:

  • Industrial chic: Floor to ceiling glazed windows and crisp white walls contrasted with polished concrete floors to give a sleek and contemporary finish with an unexpectedly industrial edge.
  • Period charm with a 21st century twist: Salvaged cast iron fireplaces painted in bold and bright colours to add a quirky modern twist to a period property.
  • Inspired by nature: Wooden slat feature walls teamed with a display of houseplants and textured sheepskin rugs draped over chairs and floors to bring the outdoors in.

If you are currently planning a renovation project, call Revere Contracts on 0345 241 7010 or drop us a message via http://www.revere-contracts.co.uk/contact to arrange your free quote.

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