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New builds are the best way to get exactly what you want. From planing to completion, We do it all.

Not everyone is content with whats on the market. If you’ve lived in the countryside your entire life and are moving into an urban area, chances are you’re not used to terraced housing and suburban communities.

If you’ve got the capital and determination, you don’t have to settle for change. Why not look for an ideal plot of land to build on and get knee deep in some residential construction?

Before finalising the site, consider the land itself (i.e greenfield, brownfield, reclaimed) as areas of land unfit for building can cause your home to sink into the ground and become susceptible to flooding. You should also consider transport opportunities (i.e nearby train station, easy access to dual carriage way), available local facilities (i.e. leisure centre, post office) and the variety of high-street shops (i.e. fishmongers, butchers).

New builds are the most labour intensive projects and are usually the longest contracts. Unlike renovations, tradesmen including groundworkers, stonemasons and bricklayers will be involved in the project as external structural and groundwork is necessary. Revere’s extensive network of trades will be called in as appropriate. The sequence of events will be planned out and completed as effectively as possible.

For more design information on new builds, take a look at our blog.

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