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How To Renovate your Home on a Budget

23rd May 2019/Planning

Looking to do a renovation on part or all of your home, whilst keeping within budget?

With years of renovation experience, within a number of budgets to suit all clients, Revere have some tips!

Be realistic from the start!

Too often when people try to renovate their home on a budget, they make the mistake of setting their budget too low. Working out a realistic figure and deciding if those numbers are too expensive is key. If it’s going to cost too much and is out of reach at the current point in time, you can always hold off on the renovation whilst you save up enough money that is in budget.

Prior to renovating your house there are certain questions you must ask yourself.  These could potentially save you a lot of money along the way.

The first question is, do you need an architect for your renovation?

Undeniably, certain renovation projects require the services of an architect. However, not all projects have this requirement, particularly small-scale extensions and internal remodels.  An alternative would be asking your building contractor to come up with the plans for the project.

If you do require an architect, it’s worth checking out Homify. This is a ‘pay as you go’ service.  It allows you to select from drawings through to a full design and project management option.  These can be a great asset when planning your budget home renovation.

Getting multiple quotes:

Something many overlook is the ability to receive quotes from more than one contractor. Having multiple quotes is key as the prices from tradesmen can vary drastically.

It’s important to remember that the cheapest isn’t always the best option.  Having multiple quotes will give you a better understand of how much the project should cost.  And allow you to work out what is actually affordable.

Of course, our team of qualified surveyors and project managers would be more than happy to do provide a quote!  Get in touch with us HERE.

Plan for the unexpected within your renovation budget:

Even the tightest home renovation budgets need to have wiggle room to cover any unforeseen expenses. Plan for these costs ahead of time so you’re not taken by surprise if they crop up.

Mixing high end and standard products to meet the budget:

Whilst not all cheap bathroom suites and kitchen offer good value for money, many off-the-shelf ranges have improved in quality drastically in recent years.  This can be a great saving when finalising the budget for your home renovation.

Getting a kitchen and customising it with striking worktops and concealed lighting can offer a more affordable alternative than high end designer ranges.

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