Find the right work / life balance by creating your dream home office

Find the right work / life balance by creating your dream home officeA happy employee is a more productive employee. In recognition of this, more people are now choosing to work remotely. Instead of a long and stressful commute to the office, working from home can free up valuable time which can be spent more wisely – whether it’s enjoying breakfast with the kids before they head to school, or an invigorating early morning run to get the creative juices flowing. If you’re hoping to find a better work / life balance, take a look at our top tips for creating your dream home office.

Find a quiet space

Think carefully about your current home set-up – is there an underused space that you could transform into a suitable work zone? A guest room, for example, that rarely accommodates guests? This is perhaps the most straightforward of conversions – it’s simply a case of out with the bed and in with the desk.

However, there are also plenty of options for those seemingly lacking in space. A clever reconfiguration of a couple of internal walls can open up a range of possibilities – previously wasted space under the stairs could be better utilised to accommodate a foldaway desk, or a hallway storage cupboard could be reimagined as a workspace thanks to some strategically placed shelves.

For those with bigger ambitions

Of course, there are those who will require more space; if you’ve got lots of equipment, if you need extra storage, or if you need room to move around to get creative. In these cases, it may be worth taking the plunge and investing in creating that extra space, either through a remodel of your current home lay-out or by adding an extension to your house.

Loft conversions lend themselves particularly well to home offices – it’s generally quieter at the top of the house, therefore there’ll be less distractions. And if you’re lucky enough to have a good view, it could just provide the inspirational setting you’ve been hoping for.

Garage conversions can also work particularly well, especially if you’d prefer to have a separate entrance for welcoming clients.

Alternatively, think outside the box (or outside the house!) and assess what space you have available elsewhere. Building a garden studio could be answer, especially for those looking for a little separation between home life and work life.

The finishing touches

Once you’ve got the space sorted, it’s all about finding the right finishing touches to create the perfect working environment – one that is practical and organised, but equally stylish.

Think about the lighting – make use of as much natural light as possible but remember to position your computer screen correctly to avoid glare. Add a desk lamp if your work requires an eye for detail.

An adjustable, ergonomically-designed chair is a must-have, especially if you intend to sit and work for extended periods of time.

Shop around for savvy storage solutions. A vintage industrial filing cabinet paired with practical shelving can provide all the storage you need, and create an attractive old-meets-new look. Which brings us to our final point – don’t feel a need to compromise on aesthetics. This is your space so create your own unique vibe. Add personal photos, choose the colours that make you happy, and make it into a place you know will inspire your work.

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the experts at Revere Contracts. Because when it comes to creating the perfect home office, we mean business!

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