Garden studio, Create your dream garden studio
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  • Garden studio, Create your dream garden studio
  • Garden studio, Create your dream garden studio
  • Garden studio, Create your dream garden studio
  • Garden studio, Create your dream garden studio
  • Garden studio, Create your dream garden studio
  • Garden studio, Create your dream garden studio
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Create your dream garden studio

1st September 2019/Design

Garden studio, Create your dream garden studio

For many people, working from home is the dream, but trying to concentrate whilst the rest of the family get on with their everyday lives can be distracting, and the boundaries between working life and home life can become blurred. For those looking to work from home but enjoy just a little separation from the everyday hustle and bustle, a garden studio can be the ideal solution. Power, lighting and heating – Revere Contracts can kit it out completely so all you need to do is move in your desk and get to work.

Clever design equals greater versatility

Of course, you can make the space work even harder for you by thinking carefully about the design and finishing touches. Clever storage solutions and double-use furniture – such as a foldaway desk and chairs or a sofa bed – will enable you to easily transform the space to suit your changing needs. Make use of the workspace by day, then at night, transform it into the man cave you’ve been dreaming of, complete with gadgets, gizmos, games and beer!

Alternatively, garden studios can make an ideal kids’ playroom – little ones can be as loud and messy as they like! Similarly, they can make for an excellent music practice space, artist’s studio or gym.

Know your limitations

However you plan to use your garden studio, there are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to building the dream. For example, if you plan to build it without planning permission, you will be restricted to an eaves height of 2.5m and an overall height of 3m (or 2.5m if it is within 2m of a boundary). In addition, where you plan to locate the garden studio is also important – if it is within 5m of your home, and over 10m², it will be technically classed as an extension to your house, so it’s best to check with your local authority if it counts as part of your permitted development rights.

A unique living space for your unique needs

If you’re unsure whether you’d like to opt for a cabin-style, timber frame or modular garden studio, speak to the building experts at Revere Contracts, who’ll be happy to talk you through the various options available and come up with a unique design that suits your individual needs. It all starts with a quick call to 0131 370 0446 and a free, no-obligation appointment.

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