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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Revere Contracts

2nd June 2020/Company Statement

corporate social responsibility

The long-term success of Revere Contracts depends not just on us delivering expected finish quality but also our commitment to wider corporate responsibilities.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) refers to the belief that companies should have a positive impact on the community and wider society rather than simply generating profit (Street, 2009). The overall impact of a company is determined by what it produces, the environmental impact, its recruitment and training processes, its adherence to rights and values, its investment in the community, and so on.

Revere Contracts’ core values ensure that environmental management, sustainable construction and local economy growth are considered throughout planning, procurement & construction stages. By using a vetted network of local trades & merchants, we ensure that our projects are completed in line with local & global CSR regulations.

Several other practices that Revere implement include:

  • Just-in-time procurement to minimise waste of building materials.
  • Supporting education programmes, sponsoring local sports teams and assisting fundraising for local community groups.
  • Liaising with structural engineers & architects to optimise building designs. This improves the quality of life and well being of our clients.
  • Internships and work experience programmes, thus providing opportunities for keen individuals at Revere Contracts.
  • Flexible working for employees: working from home plans; 4 day weeks; half day’s if necessary.
  • Minimising payment delays to subcontractors in the supply chain.
  • Energy efficiency initiatives such as triple glazed windows, insulation innovations & underfloor heating.


Solar panels, environmentally friendly


CSR is important because the construction industry has a massive impact on the environment. Revere Contracts ensure that commercial fit-out projects as well as home extensions & renovations are conducted in a socially responsible way, thus providing several benefits to the clients and wider communities:


  • A well designed and built environment provides people with a sense of identification with their home, neighbourhood, and town or city. This maximises morale in communities which benefits society overall.


  • Energy efficient & recycled building materials and products help reduce waste in landfill, last longer and can be monetized to reduce overheads i.e. Solar panels reduce electricity costs in both domestic & commercial settings whilst also generating power for the national grid.


  • Several analytical reports highlight how the construction industry makes a vital economic contribution by providing 10% of the UKs population with jobs. The construction industry and wider supply chain contributes approximately 7% of GDP and consists of nearly 350,000 firms (BIS, 2013; Pearce, 2018). Due to the enormity of the sector, it is therefore essential that contractors practice CSR to minimise damage to the environment and maximise recycling of building materials. By doing so, an industry standard is set and adhered to by new entrants into the sector so that sustainable development is maintained over time. Revere Contracts proudly implement CSR practices because sustainable development is directly proportional to the quality of life future generations will have.


  • Without adequate RAMS & CSR knowledge, construction workers may face unnecessary health and safety risks sometimes leading to severe accidents and death.


  • Lack of involvement and transparency from firms turns into conflict with local residents and can lead to costly and unnecessary delays. Congestion is another example and is caused via poorly communicated restricted access with unclear diversions.


In summary, new entrants and existing contractors must follow Revere Contracts’ path. We’re actively reducing costs and our productivity is high on site. This is due to higher staff morale, local supply chain management and healthy communications with nearby communities when we’re scheduled to begin works. This is how Revere Contracts maintains the status of a sustainable & environmentally friendly contractor and explains why we are praised by our clients & construction publishers including Project Scotland.

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