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Blending functionality and aesthetics to create your dream kitchen

20th July 2019/Design

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the home. However, we all have our own unique ideas of what makes a dream kitchen. For some, it’s a space for dining and entertaining, where integrated appliances are cleverly hidden away for a sleek and sophisticated look. For others, it’s a welcoming family-friendly environment providing an important place to come together. Whatever your preference, the two key things that unite all dream kitchens are functionality and aesthetics.

One of the biggest barriers to functionality is the lack of space – this is all too apparent when you’ve got groceries and gadgets cluttering countertops because you’re lacking in sufficient cupboard space, or you’re bumping into family members when you’re trying to prepare dinner. Lack of space can also seriously impact on the aesthetics too – it can be difficult to get that sought-after light and airy look when the reality is cramped and cluttered! So what are the available options?

Knocking through

The first option is to knock through to an adjacent room and rework the lay-out to create a more open-plan kitchen-diner. Although you won’t be physically increasing the space in terms of additional square footage, you can certainly maximise the flow and usability of the available space, as well as improve the over-all look and feel of the room.

Extending out

Alternatively, you can extend, either into the kitchen side return, or out into the rear garden. Of course, the extent to which you can extend will depend entirely on your budget and the outdoor space available. It may also depend on your Permitted Development rights.

Seeking planning permission

In certain circumstances you can add a kitchen extension without seeking planning permission, however you must meet this strict criteria:

  • The extension must be single-storey and a maximum height of four metres
  • It must not extend beyond the original rear wall of the house by more than six metres if it is a semi-detached or terrace house, or by more than eight metres for a detached house
  • The width of the side extensions must measure no more than half that of the original house

If your house is in a Conservation Area, the work you can do is usually restricted, and if your house is a listed building, you will require planning permission for any work, both internally and externally.

Understanding all the available options

If you’re unsure which option could work best for you and you’d like to discover more about creating extra space in your kitchen, get in touch with Revere Contracts. Their experts will guide you through all the possibilities and provide a free, no obligation quote, taking you one step closer to your dream kitchen.

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