A Building Company With Integrity
A Building

Company With Integrity 

Revere Contracts are an award winning and trusted Edinburgh building company specialising as an ‘all-in-one’ Principal Contractor for developers, both domestic and commercial. By employing us, the inevitable stress and hassle of self-management is avoided.  Furthermore, the paramount core value of quality work at a competitive price is assured.

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Our highly efficient planning, management and implementation systems ensure that all projects are completed on time and to budget – with no hidden costs. What we offer is cost certainty with a quality that will meet your expectations. Additionally, with a progressive payment schedule plus a weekly progress report, full transparency is always provided for your peace of mind.  And above all, we truly believe in providing excellent customer service on every building project we have contact with throughout Edinburgh.

The Client Fulfilment Process


Revere Contracts manifest 7 steps that ensure client satisfaction:


1)     Informing the client about who we are and outlining the stages associated with the type of project they’re undertaking;

2)    Understanding that clients want the best results with minimal stress;

3)    Advising clients on the best possible solutions to their requests;

4)    Clarifying the elements involved in each stage and providing a detailed quotation;

5)    Managing progress with our teams of project and account managers, as well as our reliable network of trades;

6)    Reassuring clients with weekly progress reports and updated project schedules;

7)    Curating the fairest and most effective payment terms.


Clients are provided with the service they sign up for.


Client Benefits


Revere provides the client with a tailored contract. This clarifies everything included in the cost and above all demonstrates transparency as there is no hidden information.

The tradesmen involved are vetted and have significant experience in home developments. Unlike many self-employed tradesmen, Revere’s network has completed several large scale projects and can answer any technical query.

“My goal was simple; using personal leadership and management to provide quality work with excellent customer service to match.”Iain Martin, Revere Managing Director
Revere Contracts Director Iain Martin

My name is Iain Martin and I am the Managing Director of Revere Contracts.


I’ve been involved in the building industry since I was young.  My late father was a joiner and he often took me to building sites, where I would watch him as he specialised in loft conversions, including the one in our own family home! 

Despite his success, and as a result of the troubles he faced, my father had made me promise to never follow in his footsteps and become a joiner.  As such, I went on to study a degree in Engineering followed by my first role in Project Management.

During this time we brought in a building company to extend the family home in Edinburgh.  It’s fair to say that the experience was less than impressive.  The project was completely out of schedule and because of this caused major stress for the entire household.  On top of this, the communication from the contractor was non-existent!   Whilst this caused much stress for my family, I still look back on it as one of the main reasons for setting up Revere Contracts in 2018.

My goal was simple; using personal leadership and management to provide quality work with excellent customer service to match.  These are the values I have built the business on.  And will continue to do so.

“Builders are a nightmare!”

This is something I frequently hear, and I’m determined to show it’s not true!  In the past I have worked with various different contractors in the building industry, within Edinburgh and nationally, and as such am more than aware of the problems brought on simply by bad management.  As a result of this experience, I know how to eradicate issues early on.  This allows Revere Contracts to grow at a rapid rate whilst maintaining the quality of output.

The Change

Change was long overdue, and I felt I had the experience and ability to serve customers properly.  I personally vet every single member of our team of highly qualified and trusted staff.  It’s vital they see how important positive customer service is for a contractor.  And this will always be the case, regardless of the size of the business.

The Customer Comes First

In the early days of Revere Contracts I was often told that this is a myth in the building industry.  This is why we see it as our number one priority throughout the business.  We like to do things differently to other building contractors, and as such have dedicated Account Managers for each project, giving our customers updates and weekly progress reports to ensure they are aware of what is going on.  Our staff are always available to answer any queries because we understand your property is your pride and joy.

Trusted, reliable and professional

Each and every one of our 70+ members of staff are enrolled in a personal development programme, ensuring constant learning and self-review.  We want to allow them to grow within the company as it does too, looking to up-skill current staff before opening up vacancies to external candidates.  Our team are the focal point of our brand, and must convey our trusted, reliable and above all professional image as contractors and builders throughout Edinburgh.