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2022 property predictions

30th January 2022/General News

2022 property predictionsIt is fair to say the property market in 2021 was fast-paced. In fact, according to the Office for National Statistics the average house price in the UK reached £271,000 in November 2021 – that’s £25,000 higher and an increase of 10% on the previous year. And whilst many are predicting the housing market could slow down in 2022, there is still a great deal of pent-up demand resulting from the pandemic restrictions.

For many people keen to get moving, renovating their current property is the best way to ensure it sells quickly and at the best possible price when it hits the market. For others, the sheer speed at which properties are selling, and the amount over the asking price at which they are selling, is enough to convince them to stay put but redesign their home to make it a more workable space.

So, whether you are renovating to sell or stay, here are a few of the home renovation projects that we expect to be big news in 2022.

The open-plan kitchen, diner and entertainment room

If the past couple of years has taught homeowners anything, it’s just how valuable space is. One of the best ways to create extra space in your property is to knock down internal walls to connect smaller compartmentalised rooms into one larger living area.

Top of many of our clients’ wishlist this year is an Instagram-worthy kitchen featuring an island for cooking and preparation, plus a dining area, as well as room for a sofa and chairs where family and friends can relax whilst dinner is being prepared – three distinct zones, all seamlessly flowing into each other.

Having created many open-plan kitchen, diner and entertainment rooms, we have found it can completely transform the way families use their home and spend time together, and it really does become the heart of the home. In fact, many of our clients have reported they spend the biggest percentage of their time in this newly created area – with parents cooking in the kitchen zone while the kids do their homework at the dining table or relax on the sofa with a book, for example.

The key to making this space a success is to maximise all available natural light – whether that be through skylights, large bi-fold doors or walls of glazing. This will add to the sense of space and openness in the property.

The snug

Whilst an open-plan kitchen, diner and entertainment room provides a fantastic space for families to come together and connect, we’re finding more and more clients are requesting an additional, separate room to be used as a snug for relaxing. For some, this becomes the TV room, and for others it becomes the ‘grown-up’ room where parents can retreat after the kids’ bedtime to enjoy a glass of wine and a good book.

The key to creating the perfect snug is to invest in good quality comfy chairs and soft furnishings to make it more conducive to relaxing and unwinding. And in contrast to other rooms where the rule is generally to maximise space and light, a snug is all about enveloping yourself in cosiness. Therefore, the current décor trend for snug rooms is to opt for darker colours, particularly deep blues and greens, which effectively close in the space.

The home office

Despite restrictions easing, many businesses have recognised the benefits of working remotely – the reduction in overheads and the greater work / life balance it creates for employees, for example. And so the home office continues to top requests when it comes to property renovations.

Knowing that working from home, or at least hybrid office working is now a long-term option, our clients are investing in good quality set-ups – high-end desks and chairs that provide comfort and support and are built to last.

The hobby room

Thanks to furlough, the pandemic gave many people time to explore new hobbies – from mindful yoga to creative crafts. Having reaped the benefits of these newfound past-times, many people are now looking to create a permanent dedicated space where they can enjoy these hobbies on a regular basis.

To get the most out any hobby room, it’s worth investing in good storage. From shelves and units, to clearly labelled stacked boxes – this means everything is safe and secure, yet accessible whenever you need it. Having everything organised in this way will help to de-clutter your mind and keeping floor space clear will help to create a sense of space, enabling you to fully immerse yourself in your hobby without distraction.

Transform your home

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